Geriatric Assessment Clinic

The objective of our geriatric assessment program is to provide a multi-disciplinary team approach to support clients, their families and their care providers.  The geriatric team will complete a comprehensive assessment and provide recommendations on treatment and follow-up for all clients referred to the clinic.

Our team consists of a physician, a RN, and a pharmacist.  Linkages are established as needed with other care providers or agencies such as home care, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Parkinson’s Society, etc.

The RN completes a comprehensive home visit and cognitive testing.  The RN consults with the pharmacist regarding any medication matters and a complete medication review is conducted.  The client is then presented to the physician by the RN and the pharmacist.  The physician will meet with the client and their family/caregivers, complete the assessment and provide a detailed report back to the consulting physician.