Prenatal Program

Expectant mothers will be seen by the Registered Nurse at the PCN at about 10-12 weeks gestation for education and support in early pregnancy, improving access to health care professionals in our community.  Services are coordinated with the delivering physician, the local health centre and public health nursing.  The RN will provide additional support to the delivering physician by initiating the Alberta Prenatal Record and any necessary prenatal lab work.  The Prenatal Record will then be shared with the delivering physician.  The RN may also initiate referrals to other agencies such as Mental Health, Addictions or the Teaching Independence and Parenting Support Program (TIPS).  Expectant mothers are seen again at about 35 weeks gestation to receive additional education and support around labor and delivery.  At this visit the PCN RN will also initiate the AHS Nursing assessment and the Physician Notice of Live birth.  These documents will be delivered to the local health centre along with the Prenatal form.