Chronic Disease Management

The objective of our Chronic Disease Management program is to provide services to clients with chronic disease, with a focus on education and self-management.

We have partnered with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide the Healthy Living program in Wainwright.  The PCN provides space for the sessions to be held at our clinic.

Our registered dietitian provides nutritional counseling and support to those with chronic disease.

We also provide a CDM Nurse who works within the physician clinics to support physicians in providing care to clients with chronic disease.  The focus of this component of the program is client education and self-management.

Our exercise specialist provides a supervised exercise program at our PCN clinic for the elderly, frail clients who are not suitable for the AHS Supervised Exercise program.  An 8 week program is tailored to each client’s needs with a focus on supporting them in ongoing efforts to exercise to improve not only their physical health but their cognition as well.

Our respiratory therapist and our exercise specialist work together to deliver the Breathe Easy program in partnership with the Centre for Lung Health.  This 8 week pulmonary rehabilitation program is targeted at those with chronic lung disease.